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Peterson Park Trail

Subfacility of Carlton Peterson Park


Trail Map (PDF)


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Trail Overview

This trail is 0.2 of a mile long and has been nicknamed the Diamond Bar Sunset Vista Trail. An identification sign, the result of an Eagle Scout project, is posted at the start of the trail. The trail climbs the slope on the east side of the park, using switchbacks that turn the 26% grade of the slope into a moderate hike. Two benches are located at the top of the trail.


  • Poison Oak under Oak Trees
  • Steep slopes with grades of up to 26% can be slippery to walk on
  • Rattlesnake habitat
  • Path may be uneven due to loose rocks and erosion

Trail Safety Tips

  • Use of trails is at your own risk. There is little or no shade and no water along most portions of the trails.
  • Use caution when using the trails as they are undeveloped and uneven due to loose rocks and erosion. The trails may be slippery due to loose soil, vegetation, and dampness.
  • Open space areas are home to area wildlife including coyotes and rattlesnakes.
  • Be alert and keep small children and pets under supervision.
  • There are no restrooms, drinking facilities, or telephones within open space or along the trails.
  • In order to maintain native vegetation and control erosion, please do not leave the existing trails.