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Assessment Districts 39 and 41 Questions

  1. Assessment Districts 39 and 41 Questions or Request Site Visit Form

    Use this form to ask a question or schedule an in person site visit to discuss maintenance responsibilities due to the dissolution of... More…

Parks & Recreation

  1. Armed Forces Banner Request Form

    The program was developed to honor and recognize Diamond Bar's military personnel with banners displayed along Diamond Bar Boulevard

Public Safety

  1. Ask A Deputy

    Submit your public safety-related questions, concerns, or comments

  2. Start a Neighborhood or Business Watch

    Learn how to start a Watch in your area.

  1. Emergency Alert Sign Up

    Receive notification by email, voice or text in the event of a disaster or significant event in Diamond Bar.

Village at Diamond Bar Condo Complex - Order to Vacate

  1. Updates for Tenants and Landlords of the Village at Diamond Bar Condo Complex

    Sign up to receive important updates via email or text regarding the Order to Vacate and related matters including progress of... More…