What are the rules for storage on my property?

The Neighborhood Improvement Officers enforce all City Municipal Codes applicable in the community, including the provision against the open storage of junk. This code states that front and side yards shall be kept and maintained free and clear of:

  • Appliances
  • Camper Shells
  • Construction and automotive materials or parts
  • Discarded or Broken Materials
  • Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Inoperative Motor Vehicles
  • Junk
  • Trash, Refuse, and Debris

If a property is found not in compliance with the code, a notice of violation is sent to the owner allowing a certain number of days to correct the violation. If a violation is not corrected within the time allowed, the owner may be fined. Any debris that is found, which is associated with the code violation, may be removed by a contractor at the property owner's expense. Failure to pay the fine will result in a lien being placed against the property. For more information, call 909-839-7030 or submit a request

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