How will ballots be tabulated?

Only official ballots that are signed, marked with the property owner’s support or opposition, and received by the deadline will be counted.  Ballots will be tabulated under the direction of the City Clerk (Tabulator) on July 6 after the last call for ballots, at the conclusion of comment period of the Public Hearing.  The results of the balloting are expected to be announced at the same City Council Meeting.

 The City Council will not impose the assessment if there is a majority protest.  A majority protest exists if, upon conclusion of the ballot tabulation, ballots submitted in opposition to the assessment exceed ballots submitted in favor of the assessment.  Ballots shall be weighted according to the proportional financial obligation of the affected property.  

Each ballot is weighted by the amount of assessment it represents.  In other words, if one property owner of a home receives a ballot for $525.22 in proposed assessment, and another property owner of a condominium receives a ballot for $483.21 in proposed assessment, the first property owner’s ballot will count for approximately 1.1 times that of the second property owner because the first property owner’s ballot is for a larger proposed assessment amount.

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