How was the new assessment determined?

The method used for apportioning the assessment is based upon the proportional special benefits to be derived by the properties in the assessment area over and above general benefits conferred on real property or to the public at large. The apportionment of special benefit is a multi-step process:  the first step is to identify the types of special benefit arising from the improvements or services, the second step is to estimate the general and special benefits, and the third step is to allocate the assessments to property based on the estimated relative special benefit for each type of property.

In order to determine the assessments, each property was assigned an estimated level of special benefit relative to a single family home.  The method of benefit determination is based on the type of property and its size.   After the level of benefit for each property was estimated, the total cost of the Landscape Assessment District Improvements to be funded by the proposed assessments was allocated to each property based on the estimated special benefit received.   

 An engineer’s report describing the proposed improvements or services, method of assessment, budget, benefits and proposed assessment for each parcel is available on the City’s website at 

For more information, contact the Public Works Department-Engineering at (909) 839-7040.

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