What will happen when the LADs are dissolved?
  • The District-related assessment will no longer be collected through your annual property tax bill beginning with the 2021/2022 tax year. Property owners will no longer be responsible to pay the current tax per parcel of $236 for District 39 (1,263 parcels) and $220.50 for District 41 (554 parcels).
  • The City will no longer maintain irrigation systems and will close water and electricity utility accounts throughout the LADs.
  • The following maintenance responsibilities will transfer to property owners or homeowners association - fire-prevention brush clearance, pest and weed abatement, drainage ditch (V-ditch) clearing, turf and shrub mowing and trimming, and leaf cleanup. These will all become the responsibility of each property owner who can choose to take care of the work themselves or hire a private individual or contractor.

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1. What does dissolution mean?
2. Why is dissolution being considered?
3. Which LAD is my property located?
4. What will happen when the LADs are dissolved?
5. Suggestions for property owners
6. After dissolution, what changes am I allowed to make to my property?
7. After dissolution of the district, can I remove trees located on my property?
8. Will the City trim private property trees within the district prior to the July 1 dissolution?
9. Will fire brush clearance be completed prior to the July 1 dissolution?
10. Who will be responsible to maintain the mini parks and trails in District 39?
11. Will the irrigation equipment installed on my property be removed?
12. Who will be responsible to maintain trees in the medians?
13. When will the City stop maintaining the landscaped areas located on private property within the Districts?
14. Will the City let us know who owns adjacent properties or slopes near my home?
15. After dissolution, how do I report a home or slope in need of maintenance?
16. Will the dissolution increase my HOA fees or property taxes?
17. What landscape maintenance will be taken care of prior to dissolution, will new vegetation be planted on my slope?
18. How much does the City pay for the annual landscape maintenance?