Why is dissolution being considered?

Dissolution is being considered because, for several years now, the assessment revenue generated in both Landscape Assessment Districts (Districts) has been insufficient to cover even the bare essential level of landscape maintenance and related services needed.

Districts are meant to be self-supporting through assessments on properties that benefit from the services provided.  The annual assessment amounts of $236 per parcel in District 39 and $220.50 per parcel in District 41 were established upon their formation in 1985 and have never been increased.

For more than 10 years, the City has used Diamond Bar General Fund dollars to subsidize the budget shortfalls in each District which placed added strain on the City’s limited resources and diverts funds needed in other areas of benefit to the greater community such as public safety, road and park maintenance.

In order to help make the Districts financially viable again, the City conducted a mailed ballot proceeding in summer 2019. The ballot asked District property voters whether or not they would support an assessment increase. The majority of ballot respondents opposed the increase.

For details, visit the District Background information page and  Prop 218 ballot information webpage.

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1. What does dissolution mean?
2. Why is dissolution being considered?
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