What can I spend grant funds on?

Grant funds must be used to cover essential operating expenses (e.g.rent, utilities and payroll) or costs related to reopening safely such the purchase of personal protective equipment (e.g. masks, gloves, aprons or gowns, goggles and face shields) or products or materials to assist with infection prevention and physical distancing (e.g. plexi-glass guards, signage and floor markers)

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1. Are grants issued on first-come, first-served basis?
2. How does the lottery process work?
3. How will I know if my application was selected in the lottery?
4. Will the grant be issued all at once or on a reimbursement basis?
5. What can I spend grant funds on?
6. Do I have to repay the grant?
7. Why are home-based businesses not eligible to apply?
8. Do I need to pay taxes on the grant?
9. Is there a maximum number of employees I can have to qualify for this grant?
10. Grant eligibility requires at least one of my employees hold a low-or moderate income job. What does this mean?
11. Who do I contact if I have questions?