What has the City done to proactively manage costs?

The City has historically spent within its means, approving balanced operating budgets and using banked reserves to complete capital projects like the Diamond Bar Center, City Hall & Library, and various maintenance projects throughout town. The City’s decision to operate with a contract services model keeps staffing levels modest (less than one city employee per 1,000 residents) and associated pension costs down. The City has also taken proactive steps to reduce pension liability through additional annual payments and contributions to a Section 115 Trust to reduce Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB) liability.

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1. What type of measure is being considered?
2. Why have local revenue trends slowed?
3. How much would the measure generate?
4. How would the funding be used?
5. Can the State or County divert the funds from Diamond Bar?
6. If Diamond Bar voters were to not approve a City sales tax measure, could the sales tax rate in Diamond Bar increase anyway?
7. Would there be accountability/transparency protections in place for this measure?
8. Have other local Cities adopted a sales tax increase?
9. What has the City done to proactively manage costs?