How would the funding be used?

The sales tax revenues could be used to address any community priority, including but not limited to:

  • Maintenance and augmentation of emergency response, special suppression patrols, and law enforcement personnel that reduce property crimes and keep neighborhoods safe.
  • Investment in preventative maintenance of core infrastructure, streets, and facilities such as the Diamond Bar Center.
  • Development and improvement of recreational spaces like the construction of a new park on Sunset Crossing Road, renovation of Heritage Park and Community Center, and access to open spaces via the City’s trail network.
  • Long-term fiscal sustainability via investments in reserve accounts including the Park and Facility Development Fund, Building Facility Maintenance Fund, and General Fund Reserve and reduction in pension liability costs.

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1. What type of measure is being considered?
2. Why have local revenue trends slowed?
3. How much would the measure generate?
4. How would the funding be used?
5. Can the State or County divert the funds from Diamond Bar?
6. If Diamond Bar voters were to not approve a City sales tax measure, could the sales tax rate in Diamond Bar increase anyway?
7. Would there be accountability/transparency protections in place for this measure?
8. Have other local Cities adopted a sales tax increase?
9. What has the City done to proactively manage costs?