What type of maintenance work is funded by the assessments?

Primarily, the City contracts with a private contractor to perform basic weekly, monthly and annual landscape work that includes the mowing of grass, the trimming shrubs and trees, the cutting back of brush from adjacent open space for fire safety, and the clearing of leaves and other debris and trash from drainage ditches (V-ditches) to prevent erosion and flooding. Some areas are also irrigated or hand-watered. In District No. 39, there are five (5) mini-parks that are also maintained.  In all, work funded by assessments is aimed at keeping the neighborhoods attractive, reducing erosion, and limiting dangers from wildfires.

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1. How and why were Landscape Assessment District Nos. 39 and 41 formed?
2. How are assessments collected?
3. Why are assessments not considered taxes?
4. What type of maintenance work is funded by the assessments?
5. How do I know that my assessment is only being used for maintenance within my district and not for any other purpose?
6. Why are property owners in District Nos. 39 and 41 being asked to vote?
7. How much is the proposed assessment increase and how will it be determined?
8. Why have assessments not been increased over the years to keep up with rising costs?
9. Why don’t my property taxes pay for this work?
10. There are other landscaped areas within the city where property owners do not pay an assessment. Why is that?
11. Why is it that some properties belong to both a Homeowner’s Association and an assessment district?
12. Who gets to vote in this ballot proceeding and how will votes be tabulated?
13. When will the ballots be mailed?
14. What happens if this assessment increase is not approved?
15. Can this assessment be increased in future years?
16. Are there exemptions or discounts for seniors or low income?