What is Report for Reward?

Report for Reward is a City of Diamond Bar program that offers individuals financial incentive of up to $500 for providing information leading to the arrest of a person(s) who damaged property as a result of a realized (or attempted) residential or vehicular burglary within Diamond Bar city limits.

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1. What is Report for Reward?
2. When was Report for Reward established?
3. Where can I find information about the ordinance related to this reward program?
4. Can anybody participate in the Report for Reward Program?
5. What type of activity should I be on the lookout for, and how will I know when to call the Sheriff’s station?
6. What happens after I call the Sheriff’s Station with my Report for Reward tip?
7. Who makes up the reward committee?
8. How does the reward committee reach its decision to issue a reward?
9. How does the committee determine the amount of the reward it will issue?
10. What else can I do to safeguard my neighborhood against burglaries?
11. Is a phone call the only way to submit a Report for Reward tip?
12. May I report burglary incidents that occur in another city?