Thieves are opportunists. They like easy targets where valuables are easy pickings, and their odds of getting caught are low. Places such as gyms fit this description. Thieves know that if they visit a gym, particularly during peak season and hours, they are likely to find more than a few individuals who have brought with them items of worth such as phones, watches, music devices, and sometimes even wallets with large amounts of cash and credit cards. They also know that there is a great chance that some of these individuals will be distracted at some point, creating the opportunity for them to steal the items. Because these items are small, they can easily store them in their pocket or gym bag and leave before the owner realizes the theft has occurred. In July's Safety Speak Blog, I share tips to help lower your risk of becoming a victim of gym theft. Check it out when you get a moment at, and share with friends and family members.

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