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Posted on: March 14, 2019

Coyote Awareness Tips

coyote awareness

Increased coyote sightings and activity between January and May are a common occurrence in Southern California as these months correspond with mating and pupping season.

Their opportunistic and adaptable nature coupled with human behaviors are why coyotes so easily lose their natural fear of humans and are comfortable living in urban environments.

By taking a few simple measures, individuals can greatly reduce the chance of brazen encounters with coyotes and potentially deadline conflicts with small pets. According to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), these include:

Making your property undesirable and inhospitable to coyotes by:

  • Installing motion-sensitive lighting around the house.
  • Trimming ground-level shrubbery to reduce hiding places.

Stashing or eliminating food sources, which include:

  • Picking up fallen fruit, covering compost piles, and removing sources of water.
  • Bringing in pets in at night, storing pet food indoors, and avoiding using bird feeders as they attract rodents and other coyote prey.

If you encounter a coyote and it follows you, do not crouch, turn your back, or run away; instead, make loud noises and wave your arms above your head. If it does not retreat, throw rocks or another object in its direction.

To report coyotes exhibiting aggressive behavior toward humans or attacking pets within city limits, call City Hall at (909) 839-7000 during business hours or the Walnut-Diamond Bar Sheriff’s Station at (909) 595-2264 any time. Be prepared to provide date and time of encounter or attack, approximate location, and your contact information for follow-up.

More information about coyotes and other wildlife

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