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Jun 01

Borrow the Eyes of a Burglar ... Is Your Home An Easy Target?

Posted on June 1, 2018 at 1:01 PM by Deputy Aaron Scheller

Working in law enforcement for almost 19 years, and being on patrol here in Diamond Bar for nearly 12 of those years, I have responded to a number of burglary calls.

Deputy Scheller Patrolling Diamond Bar Streets

I have seen the varied and mixed reactions of homeowners, ranging from shock and sadness to panic and anger, after finding that their house has been broken into and their personal spaces invaded and ransacked.

As a homeowner and family man, I can empathize with their feelings of violation and vulnerability with the realization that a complete stranger has entered their safe space, handled their belongings, and taken items that are sometimes irreplaceable because of their sentimental value.

Home Burglary Loss

In most cases, while taking the reports I learn that the house lacked any security features that would have made it less attractive to burglars, or that would have helped in the investigation and the efforts to recover the stolen property.

There are a number of precautions and measures we can take as homeowners to make it less appealing and more difficult for someone to break into our residence. These range from simple things such as securing our doors and windows with the proper locking mechanisms, making sure lights are left on timers when we are gone at night, and letting neighbors know to watch our home when we go on vacation are a good start to installing an alarm system and motion-sensor lights and cameras. Today’s home security technologies are more affordable than ever, and include mobile automation and remote monitoring.

LTPS Leaflet_See Your Home From The Eyes Of A Burglar_April2018

“See Your Home Through The Eyes Of A Burglar” is the title of one of the recent informational leaflets the City produced to share tips and ideas on how to target harden your home. Take a moment to check it out, and share it with your neighbors and neighbors.

On a side note, the City launches its first “Coffee with A Cop Series this month. If your morning commute takes you through or near the Diamond Bar Boulevard-Grand Avenue area, I invite you make a little extra time to stop by It’s a Grind Coffee House. I’ll be there from 7 a.m. until 9 a.m. enjoying a cup of coffee and looking forward to saying hello to you and chatting about any public-safety related questions or concerns you may have.


And if you or someone you know is 55 or older, sign up to attend a free seminar taking place on May 15 at the Diamond Bar Center. I’ll be sharing examples and providing tips to protect against a variety of frauds and scams that target older adults.

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