Apr 28

Protecting Your Home While on Vacation

Posted on April 28, 2022 at 12:56 PM by Deputy Aaron Scheller

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Summer is fast approaching, which means many of us are starting to make vacation plans. With the excitement of everything, it can be easy to overlook home security. The thing is that when it comes to deciding which homes to target, opportunistic burglars look for those that appear unoccupied because their aim is to get in and get out, undetected, with as many valuables as they can. That’s why this month, I’m sharing key steps you can take to keep your home safe while you’re away.

Eliminate Clear Giveaways

That’s why it’s important to eliminate clear giveaways that indicate your absence. These giveaways include piles of mail, packages or newspapers as well as an empty driveway, an overgrown yard, and trash carts not set out on collection day. Consider asking a trusted neighbor, friend or family member to help manage some of these giveaways by doing things such as parking a car in your driveway, collecting your mail and newspapers, or mowing your lawn. 

It’s All About the Lighting

When it comes to nighttime security, it’s all about the lighting.  Current crime trends indicate a rise in evening burglaries, usually between 5 to 9 p.m. Criminals are looking for homes with no lights on inside. This is where lamp timers come in handy – you can set them to turn on and off in different places inside the house such as the kitchen and then bedrooms.

Invest Motion Sensor Alarms and Cameras

Motion sensor alarms and doorbell cameras that send notifications to your phones are also a very effective way of stopping and catching criminals who are trying to break into your homes.  I recommend you install them both at the front and back of the house, and make sure they are working properly and activated before you leave.

Power Off Your Garage Door

A trick I have seen works well is turning the power off to the garage door.  This will prevent someone from opening your garage either by guessing your passcode and entering it into the keypad or by using a fake transmitter. Also, if someone tries to manually pull on the door, the drive mechanism prevents them from forcing the door open.  

Hold Off on Posting on Your Socials

I know everyone likes to share their vacations with friends and family, but I suggest you wait until you return. Posting that you’re excited to go on vacation or, even worse, posting the dates you are leaving and returning is an invitation for an opportunistic criminal to break into your home. 

Request a Free Vacation Check

Lastly, let the Diamond Bar/Walnut Sheriff’s station know the dates you are going to be gone and ask for patrol checks. A pair of trained Volunteers on Patrol will come by and check on your house while you’re gone.  This, in addition to all the other home security measures you take, will give you peace of mind to allow you to enjoy your vacation that much more.

That’s it for this month’s blog. I again have a safety tip leaflet and brief video to accompany my blog. I encourage to check them both out:

That’s it for this month’s blog. As always, if you have any public safety-related questions or concerns you want to share with the City or our local sheriff’s station, or if you have suggestions for topics to cover in this blog, be sure to let me know using the Ask a Deputy online form. 

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