Election Sign Rules and Regulations

Display Period

  • Signs may not be installed earlier than 30 days prior to the election
  • Signs must be removed no later than 10 days after the election

Public Rights-of-Way

Election signs placed within the public rights-of-way do not require permits and or fees. However, the placement of such signs is subject to the standards set forth pursuant to Section 22.36.050(5) of the Diamond Bar Municipal Code.

A right-of-way is the public property designated for vehicular or pedestrian travel only. City parks and facilities are not rights-of-way and signs are prohibited in these locations.

Number of Signs

No more than 1 sign on each side of any single block per candidate or ballot measure. A “block” means that portion of a street lying between the nearest two intersecting or intercepting streets.

Size and Manner of Installation

  • Maximum size: 6 square feet.
  • Maximum height: 3 feet from the ground to the top of the sign.
  • Must be freestanding on its own stake or wire posts.

Permissible Locations

  • Parkways, such as tree wells, or landscaping strips between the curb and sidewalk.

Note: Widths of the public rights-of-way vary throughout the City. In some parts of the community, the public right-of-way ends at the “back” of the sidewalk. In other portions of the community, the public right-of-way extends slightly beyond the back of the sidewalk. All curb-adjacent tree wells and parkway strips between the street curb and sidewalk are within the right-of-way. If you are unsure where the right-of-way line is on a specific block, contact the Public Works Department at (909) 839-7040 for assistance.

Prohibited Locations

  • Election signs shall not be located within roadway medians (i.e. raised or striped dividers between travel lanes).
  • Election signs shall not be attached to trees or any other structures within the right-of-way.


Election signs in the public rights-of-way that violate the above criteria will be removed by City Neighborhood Improvement staff. The City will make every attempt to notify the candidate or campaign staff that a sign or signs have been found in violation of the sign code and have been removed.

To make an appointment to retrieve signs removed by the City, please call (909) 839-7030. Note that proof of ownership or campaign affiliation will be required. Signs that have not been picked up within 10 days after the election will be discarded.

Election Signs on Private Property

Property Owner Consent Required. No signs may be placed on any private property (including shopping centers, vacant land, etc.) without permission of the property owner(s).

Permit Requirements

No permit is required for signs that do not exceed 6 feet in height and 16 square feet in sign face area.

Larger signs, up to 32 square feet in area require a sign permit. Contact the Planning Division at (909) 839-7030 for permit application and fee requirements.


Contact the Neighborhood Improvement Division at (909) 839-7030 or the City Clerk's office at (909) 839-7010