Diamond Bar Golf Course Renovation Project

Grand  Golden Springs Project 826208Diamond Bar Golf Course Renovation Project

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Page last updated: April 3, 2023

Construction Period: September 2021 – 2023

Information: The Diamond Bar Golf Course is owned and operated by the County of Los Angeles.

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Project Description

The Diamond Bar Golf Course is divided into two parts, separated by Grand Avenue with six holes in the western part and 12 holes in the eastern portion. The two areas are connected by a golf cart tunnel located underneath Grand Avenue.

The project proposes to realign and reconfigure six holes in the western part of the course and three in the eastern part of the course. This includes reconstructing bunkers and tee and green complexes for all holes. Holes 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, and 9 would be reconstructed in their entirety with new fairways, bunkers, and tee and green complexes. The proposed Project would increase the overall existing course yardage from 6,801 yards to 6,848 yards. The total course par would remain unchanged at 72 and maintain 18 holes.

The freeway improvements currently (construction started October 2020) underway, SR-57/SR-60 Confluence Project Phase IIA, includes the relocation and reconstruction of the golf cart tunnel underneath Grand Avenue and use of approximately 9 acres of the golf course (current hole 3), reducing the overall acreage from 171.3 to 161.9. 


Constructed in the 1960s, the Diamond Bar Golf Couse is an 18-hole course with 6,801 yards. It is located at 22751 Golden Springs Drive, and is owned and operated by the County of Los Angeles Parks and Recreation Department. The golf course is approximately 174 acres and is bounded by the SR-57/SR-60 confluence to the north and west, Golden Springs Drive to the south and east, and a residential neighborhood to the east. In addition, the golf course is intersected by Grand Avenue, which divides the property into western and eastern halves. The golf course currently has a clubhouse (with a restaurant and a golf shop) chipping and putting greens, a driving range, a maintenance building, comfort station buildings, a food concession stand, parking areas, bridges, and driveway.