Housing Element Update

Housing Element Update cover2021-2029 Housing Element


Diamond Bar is faced with various important issues that include a balance between employment and housing opportunities, a match between the supply of and demand for housing, the preservation and enhancement and affordability of homes, the quality of the housing stock, and availability of new types of housing necessary to accommodate growth and changing population needs. This Housing Element provides policies and programs to address these issues.


Diamond Bar's Housing Element is an eight-year plan for the period 2021-2029, unlike other General Plan elements which typically cover a 10- to 20-year planning horizon.

  • The Diamond Bar Housing Element consists of the following major components:
  • This Introduction to the Housing Element
  • An analysis of the City's demographic and housing characteristics and trends (Section 9.2)
  • An evaluation of resources and opportunities available to address housing issues (Section 9.3)
  • A review of potential market, governmental, and environmental constraints to meeting the City’s identified housing needs (Section 9.4)
  • The Housing Action Plan for the 2021-2029 planning period (Section 9.5)
  • A review of the City’s accomplishments during the previous planning period (Appendix A)
  • A detailed inventory of the suitable sites for housing development (Appendix B); and
  • A description of opportunities for stakeholders to participate in the preparation of the Housing Element (Appendix C)

Public Participation

Residents, businesses and interest groups were provided the opportunity to participate in the Housing Element update process and were an important component of the overall program. Details regarding opportunities for public involvement during the preparation and adoption of this Housing Element are provided in Appendix C.