General Plan 2040

What is a General Plan?

A General Plan is a dynamic policy document intended to guide the long-term development of the city. The Plan reflects the community’s values and desires, as expressed in a broad vision for the future, and addresses important issues such as land use and urban design, economic development, circulation, resource conservation, public facilities and services, safety, public health, and sustainability. State law mandates that every California city adopt a general plan and ensure it is kept up-to-date.


Diamond Bar's first General Plan document was adopted in 1995, shortly after the City's incorporation in 1989. 

On December 17, 2019, the City Council adopted the updated Diamond Bar General Plan and with that concluded a three-year collaborative community effort to create a vision and blueprint for development through 2040. The process included workshops, surveys, meetings, community outreach and the formation of a 15-member advisory committee.

General Plan and Supporting Documents

Diamond Bar General Plan 2040 (entire document)

Climate Action Plan

Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and complying with State GHG reduction

Environmental Impact Report

Ensures environmental opportunities and constraints are identified and incorporated into the planning process, and it identifies policies that can mitigate any adverse environmental effects of other aspects of the plan. Final Incorporates and addresses comments made on the Draft EIR during the 45-day public review period.

Existing Conditions Report

Miscellaneous Documents