May Fitness Challenge

Woman stretching in park ready to exercise for may challenge

Reclaim 2020 as your own while getting physically fit at home! Complete 20 miles or the equivalent, within 20 days in May.

How Do I Participate?

Complete your favorite exercise routine and track on any fitness app or download the log sheet to jot down your progress. 

Not a runner, jogger, or walker? No problem! To participate, complete your favorite workout routine or video. A few examples include completing a video on the Diamond Bar Virtual Recreation Center, a YouTube fitness video or your favorite Pinterest workout. 

Miles are calculated in 20 minute increments as follows: 20 minutes = 1 mile | 40 minutes = 2 miles | 60 minutes = 3 miles

Entry Rules

  • Free registration open to all Diamond Bar Residents and Healthy DB Members
  • Register online using the Activity Code 5901-1
  • Walk, jog, run or complete your favorite workout at your own pace
  • Keep track of your progress by using any fitness app or download the Log Sheet
  • Enter challenge by submitting a screen shot of your fitness app or completed log sheet to
  • Entry deadline is May 31, 2020
  • Healthy DB members who complete the challenge will earn a May Healthy Diamond Bar check-in point

Download rules flyer

Stay connected with other Healthy Diamond Bar members using the following social media hashtags -  #HealthyDB   and  #HealthyDBStepintoSpring         


Contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (909) 839-7070 or