Special Services

Waste Management Services and Discounts

  • Backyard Service
    Waste Management provides free backyard service, at no additional charge, to customers with a physical disability . On collection day, Waste Management will remove carts from the storage area, place them out for collection and then return carts to the resident’s storage area after collection. For more information and to apply, use the this form.
  • Bill Discounts 
    Waste Management account holders who have a qualifying disability or are age 60 and older are eligible for a discounted rate on their 64 or 35-gallon refuse carts. To apply for this discount, complete and submit the Discount Form.
  • Vacation Hold
    To temporarily suspend your trash collection service while you are on vacation, complete and submit the Vacation Hold Form.

Contact Waste Management at (800) 266-7551 for more information or assistance.