Brea Canyon Business Park Project

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Project Information
updated March 14, 2022

A private commercial development project is proposed on an approximately 5.7-acre vacant parcel located at 850 Brea Canyon Road, formerly a recreational vehicle and boat storage facility. 

Diamond Bar City Council approved this development on November 19, 2019, which consists of a 109-room, four-story hotel, a 47,642 square-foot, three-story office building, and a 8,900 square-foot, one-level medical office building.

The applicant is requesting approval to revise this project to:

  • eliminate the condominium subdivision for a single-store 8,900 square foot medical office building and replace with a single-story 6,500 square-foot commercial building to accommodate a drive-through restaurant and up to two future retail or fast-food restaurant tenants.
  • add an additional 15 rooms to the four-story hotel for a total of 124 rooms.
  • create a southbound left-turn pocket on Brea Canyon Road to accommodate a left-turn-in access to the site.

Also as part of this project, off-site beautification and traffic improvements on Brea Canyon Road and Lycoming Street will also be implemented, including decorative elements in keeping with the City’s design guidelines and a new left-turn pocket into the project site from southbound Brea Canyon Road.

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