Parks Conceptual Design Update

Update Posted October 11, 2019

After several months of information collection, public surveys, community workshops, site reviews, and design options the City Council has determined the priority conceptual design at each park location, see below for details. 

While there are currently no funds secured for construction or ongoing maintenance, the elements identified in these concepts will assist in establishing cost estimates for future budgeting purposes.

Sunset Crossing Workshop and Survey Update

The property located at 22555 Sunset Crossing Road is a priority for future park development. The agreed upon design was “Option 2” and includes a variety of amenities such as: a lighted perimeter walkway, exercise station, shaded playground for 2-5 and 5-12 year old’s, full basketball court, two pickleball courts, picnic tables with shelters, restrooms, and open space. The current estimate for this design is $3,841,000 with annual maintenance costs of approximately $29,000.

Heritage Park and Community Center Workshop and Survey Update

“Option 5” which includes a three phased approach was the City Council’s preference at Heritage Park. The first phase includes Community Center upgrades including restrooms, parking lot and walkway improvements, new outdoor restroom, and accessible access around the Community Center. The second phase focuses on new playground equipment, picnic area amenities, basketball court and accessible walkways along the northeast portion of the park. The third phase is to be determined at a later date and includes the area where the baseball field is currently located. The total estimated cost for the first two phases is $3,900,000 with annual maintenance of approximately $25,000.

Update Posted May 14, 2019

Parks Conceptual Design Survey

Survey Open until June 21, 2019

Update Posted April 30, 2019

Community Workshops

Discussion Topics

  • Hear results of the park design elements and amenities surveys
  • Learn about existing park or site conditions and design opportunities
  • Evaluate potential conceptual designs

Heritage Park Workshop
Tuesday, May 14, 2019
6:30-8 p.m.
Heritage Park Community Center
2900 S. Brea Canyon Road

Sunset Crossing Workshop
Thursday, May 16, 2019
6:30-8 p.m.
YMCA/Early Learning Center
22600 Sunset Crossing Road

Update posted March 1, 2019


Online and paper survey open March 4 through April 22, 2019

Project Background

Sunset Crossing Proposed Park Project

The site of the proposed 2.83-acre neighborhood park is located at 22555 Sunset Crossing Road, adjacent to the PONY League (PONY) baseball fields and the Pomona Valley/Diamond Bar YMCA (YMCA). The property is currently vacant with chain link fencing securing the property. This new amenity will be the first City facility in the area and will serve the neighborhoods within a half-mile radius.

When constructed, it’s anticipated the park will be designed to be all-inclusive and accommodate visitors of all ages and mobility types. The amenities will create space for leisurely or passive recreational activities, and due to the minimal acreage, no organized athletic events requiring synthetic turf or ball field lighting are currently planned.

Although funding does not currently exist for this project, the conceptional design will assist to identify the elements that may fulfil the needs of the neighborhood and establish cost estimates for future budgeting purposes.

Heritage Park and Community Center Project

Located at 2900 S. Brea Canyon Road, Heritage Park is a 3.4-acre park with a 3,900 square foot community center opened in 1993. The existing facility hosts a variety of Recreation programs for tots, youth and adults, weekend private facility rentals and community activities.

During its 26 years of operation, the community center building has received minimal updates and its fixtures, restrooms and amenities are outdated and require improvements to be in compliance with current ADA standards and promote maintenance efficiency.

In addition to the facility, the outdoor restroom building, picnic area (to the east of the community center) and adjoining playground are in need of modern improvements to better meet current needs and meet ADA compliance.

Although funding does not currently exist for this project, the conceptional design assist to identify the elements that may fulfil the needs of the community and establish cost estimates for future budgeting purposes. 


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