Castle Rock Road NTMP Survey

Residents in Castle Rock area participated in the development of a traffic management plan to address concerns specific for their neighborhood. The plan is now completed and is available for review (see below). Please carefully review and submit your response. If approved by 67% or more of the households, the plan will move forward. The deadline to reply is April 2, 2019. 

Project Background

  • The first meeting was held in April 2018 to introduce program to the neighborhood and collect feedback regarding speeding concerns along Castle Rock Road and lack of stop signs at Hidden Pines Drive, Hipass Drive, Lasso Drive, Hideout Drive, and Silver Cloud Drive.
  • In May 2018, the City’s Public Works Department conducted speed and traffic volume counts along Castle Rock Road
  • At a meeting in January 2019, a conceptual plan with traffic calming measures was completed.

The plan proposes the following tools:

Conceputal Plan

  • Enforcement
  • Education and Outreach
  • Speed Cushion installation at five locations along Castle Rock – between 2704 and 2710, 2654 and 2660, 2632 and 2640, 2830 and 2838, 2802 and 2810. Includes double center line striping
  • Double Center line installed at the bend of Sunbright Drive and Hidden Pines Drive
  • Stop Sign installation at five locations along Castle Rock at: Hipass Drive, Hidden Pines Drive, Silver Cloud Drive, Hideout Drive and Lasso Drive

In order to move forward with the proposed traffic calming measures, a total of 67% of neighborhood residents must approve the plan.

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