Healthy Diamond Bar


Sign up for these upcoming activities using the provided Activity Code (AC) and register at the City's Recreation registration website.

At the end of each month, everyone who completes the challenge will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a prize.

Not yet a member? Sign up at no cost at and get a free T-shirt by calling (909) 839-7070.

May Stroll DB

Cardio exercise is a great way to reduce stress and improve your heart health. Log 15 miles of your choice of cardio activity (walk, run, or bike) before the end the month to complete this challenge. For reference, 10,000 steps equal four to five miles, and biking a distance of five miles takes 20-30 minutes depending on your pedaling speed. AC 5901 1

June Hike DB

Diamond Bar has several great trails of varying lengths, terrain, levels of difficulty, and scenery. Your challenge this month is to complete four hikes of your choice. More information, view 360-degree virtual trail tours, view park locations, or download trail map . AC 5902 1

July Walk/Run DB

It may take an average of 66 days to develop a habit that becomes second nature, but a month has the right number of days to gain health benefits from adding even a brief walk at low intensity to your day. Complete this month's challenge by going on a walk or run every day - at your own pace, for any length of time, and at the location of your choice. Participants will receive weekly walk/run ideas and tips. AC 5903 1

August Healthy DB Spotlight

This month we are skipping a challenge in favor of shining a spotlight on some of our Healthy Diamond Bar participants and their journey to a healthier lifestyle. Whatever your ultimate goal may be - having more energy, feeling more fit, or managing your stress levels - if Healthy Diamond Bar is part of your journey, help inspire others by sharing your story and photos. A Healthy DB Spotlight form will be available online starting in July. AC 5904 1


Created by the City in 2019, Healthy Diamond Bar is a community well-being initiative aimed at encouraging, facilitating and celebrating healthy habits, civic involvement, volunteerism and unity within the community. Membership in Healthy Diamond Bar is open to all community members, and includes a free t-shirt upon enrollment. 

To get updates via email messages about new and upcoming activities, contact the Parks and Recreation Department or email 

Connect with Rec!

A free monthly drop-in recreation and nutrition program that offers residents of all ages and fitness levels an opportunity to take part in a fun activity a one of the city’s parks or community facilities. Participants earn points of activities completed that can be redeemed for prizes.

Day of Service

Designed to foster community pride and volunteerism, this annual event will bring community members together to clean-up and spruce-up pre-designated areas around town and learn about volunteering opportunities with Diamond Bar-base service organizations. Event takes place on Saturday in May.

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