TOT - Local Funding Measure


Residents have expressed that they choose to live in Diamond Bar because it offers a better quality of life, with safe and clean neighborhoods, proactive Sheriff’s patrols, well-maintained streets and roads, a modern library and picturesque parks. We take pride in providing the essential city services that support these aspects of our community.

Looking for a Local Solution

The City of Diamond Bar has been exploring options to maintain and bolster funding for Sheriff’s patrols, to support parks and recreation programs, maintain our roads and infrastructure and fulfill other city services. Additional resources will help keep Diamond Bar among the safest cities in California and help ensure that residents continue to enjoy the high quality of life that our city provides.

The City has placed a local funding measure on the November 2018 ballot to increase its existing transient occupancy tax, also known as a hotel tax, from the 10% rate. While a decision has not been made, it is anticipated that this measure could provide up to an additional $450,000 annually in locally‑controlled funding that would only be paid by overnight hotel guests.

Funding from a potential measure could support essential city services, such as:

  • Augmenting neighborhood Sheriff protection and public safety programs to help prevent property crimes like home and car burglaries
  • Maintaining local roads and preventing potholes
  • Providing safe places for children to play
  • Supporting City-run parks and recreation programs enjoyed by children and adults alike


For additional information, contact the City Manager's office at 909-839-7010.