New Recycling Mandate

Effective July 1, 2012, businesses and multi-family complexes (five or more units) that generate four cubic yards or more of waste per week, will be required to recycle under a new State Bill (AB341) directed by CalRecycle. 

The goal of AB341 is to increase statewide recycling rates to 75% by year 2020 with aims of reducing greenhouse emissions by diverting commercial solid waste. Currently, State law requires local governments to reduce waste disposed in landfills by 50%. To learn more, visit the CalRecycle website and enter “ab341” in the Search field.

AB341 Compliance Assistance

For assistance with implementing a new - or expanding an existing - recycling program at your multi-family complex or business site, or for help understanding and complying with the State mandate AB341, contact the Valley Vista Services Recycling Coordinator at 626-961-6291 or the Diamond Bar City Manager’s Office at 909-830-7013.


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