Encroachment Permits

Encroachment Permit - Dumpster / Storage Container

If you are planning a construction or clean-up project and need to place a dumpster in the City's Public Right of Way, (e.g., street, driveway approach), you must first acquire an encroachment permit. Encroachment Permits are available at City Hall. 


Fees are as follows:

  • Permit Issuance fee is $25
  • Encroachment fee is $64.16 per day or $80.44 for one (1) week

The total cost for an Encroachment Permit is the combined amount for the Permit Issuance fee and the Encroachment fee.

Delivery & Placement

Once you obtain the Encroachment Permit, you may contact Waste Management at 909-599-1274 to schedule delivery of the dumpster. Waste Management will not deliver the dumpster without prior City approval and permit issuance.

If you place the dumpster on your driveway or private property, no Encroachment Permit is required. If the driveway has a slope, Waste Management cannot place the dumpster on the driveway. 

More Information

Please contact Public Works Department for more information at 909-839-7040.