Additional Services

Home Delivery for Sharps Containers (WM)
A new mail-based and / or drop-off program for Sharps-users to request home delivery of a Sharps container to safely, lawfully, and efficiently get rid of used needles, syringes or lancets used to manage chronic medical conditions;

  • Extended On-Call Bulky-Item Pick-Ups (WM)
    Residents may request a total of four (4) bulky-item pickups each calendar year for items that do not fit in refuse carts
  • Refuse Cart Overage (WM)
    Residential customers are entitled to two (2) annual pickups per calendar year (January to December) and an end-of-year pickup (valid for two weeks beginning December 26) of regular household trash material that does not fit in the refuse (black) cart. Advanced scheduling required.
  • Mulch Give-Away (WM)
    The City of Diamond Bar, together with Waste Management, holds an environment-themed event each November to distribute mulch to residents. Event date and details are published in the October and November editions of Diamond Bar Connection, the City’s monthly newsletter which is also available electronically.
  • Recycling for Ink Cartridges / Cell Phones (WM)
    Free mail-back pouches for the recycling of ink cartridges and cell phones continue to be available at City Hall and distributed during City special events;
  • Curbside Used Oil and Oil Filter Collection (WM)
    Households may continue to request free curbside pickup of up to eight quarts (two gallons) of oil and up to two oil filters per month. The pickups occur on regularly-scheduled refuse and recycling collection days.
  • Door-to-Door Household Hazardous Waste Collection (WM and VVS)
    Residents may continue to request free address pickup of select hazardous waste.
  • Curbside Household Hazardous Waste Collection (WM and VVS)
    Residents of both single-family and multi-family homes may continue to request free address pickup of select hazardous waste.
  • On-Call Bulky-Item Pick-Ups (VVS)
    Multi-family dwellings will continue to be entitled to four bulky item pickups a year at no additional charge.
  • Holiday Tree Recycling (WM and VVS)
    Free curbside tree collection live seasonal trees following end-of-the-year holidays;
  • Bill Discount for Seniors (WM)
    Waste Management customers age 60 and older continue to be eligible for a discounted rate on their 64 or 35-gallon refuse carts. Download the application form.
  • Smaller-Capacity Refuse Carts (WM)
    Households who have increased their recycling efforts and therefore do not fill their 64-gallon carts to full capacity, may request a switch to a 35-gallon container for a lower monthly rate.
  • Additional Green and Gray Carts (WM)
    Customers who need more space for their recyclables or green waste can obtain one additional recycling and / or green waste cart free of charge.
  • Free Cart Replacement (WM)
    Individuals with cracked or broken refuse, recycling, or green bins are eligible for a free replacement.