Refuse Collection / Recycling Services

Residential Service

Refuse and recycling service is provided by Waste Management, Inc. and their phone is 800-266-7551. 

Service Discounts

Discount application for Waste Management Discounts (PDF).

Residents may apply for reduced rates for the following:

  • Senior Discount - Must be at least 60 years of age (ID required)
  • Composting Discount - Composting of green waste. Requires the removal of the green cart.
  • Backyard Service - For those who qualify, carts will be placed curbside and returned.
  • Disabled Resident Discount - Must be account holder, provide copy of bill, California ID and copy of DMV Disability placard.

Refuse Collection Schedule Map

Simply enter your address to locate your collection day. 

Standard Refuse & Recycling Service

Diamond Bar residents are provided with:

  • One 64-gallon wheeled green cart
    For yard waste such as grass clippings, leaves, sawdust, etc.
  • One 64-gallon wheeled grey cart
    For commingled recyclables such as aluminum and steel cans, glass bottles and jars, plastic containers, newspapers, paper, cardboard, magazines, cereal boxes, etc.
  • One 35, 64, or 96 gallon wheeled black cart
    For trash only. Prices are determined by the size of cart

New Organic Waste Recycling Requirements (AB 1826)

Businesses and multifamily complexes of five or more units are required to recycle their organic waste on and after April 1, 2016, depending on the amount of waste they generate per week. Organic waste includes food waste, green waste, landscape and pruning waste, nonhazardous wood waste, and non food-soiled paper. For more information or help with implementing this state-mandated organic waste recycling program, contact Valley Vista Services, Inc. by calling 800-442-6454.

Dumpsters or Storage Containers

For home improvement projects that require the removal of large quantities of construction debris, contact Waste Management for bin rental services. An encroachment permit must also be obtained from the City's Public Works Department.