Neighborhood Traffic Management Program

The Neighborhood Traffic Management Program is designed to develop a plan of action to ease traffic problems and improve safety in residential districts throughout the City. With input and suggestions from the City's Engineering staff, consultants, and most importantly, Diamond Bar residents, a traffic calming plan is developed.

Public Meetings

Once a residential district is identified, residents are invited to participate in a series of workshops to discuss common traffic concerns for their neighborhood. These meetings will serve as a great way for City staff, the Sheriff’s Department, and residents to educate each other about traffic issues unique to their specific neighborhoods and to discuss potential solutions by incorporating supporting data such as vehicle speeds, traffic volume, and field observations.


Proposed mitigation projects for each district will be developed based on the information gathered at the workshops and recommended actions from the residents along the affected street(s). Such projects may include new traffic calming devices, public awareness and education, or a combination of both. To find out how you and your neighbors can become part of the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program, contact the Public Works Department at 909-839-7040.