Candle Use Policy

Request for Approval

Typical uses of fire and open flame that may be considered for approval include:

  • Tea lights that meet the design standards of the Los Angeles County Fire Department
  • Regular style birthday candles no more than 3.5 inches in height that are placed in a cake (pastry or ice cream) and lit for a short duration and then extinguished after the singing of a celebratory song

Request for permit, along with sample candle or open flame device, must be submitted to the Diamond Bar Center staff a minimum of 7 days prior to event.

Sterno Heaters

Sterno heaters for food warming are allowed without a permit by licensed caterers if heater is placed under a chafing dish on a table with no guests seated at the table.

Prohibited Items

  • Incense, fog, hazer or smoke use is not permitted in the Diamond Bar Center at any time.
  • Fire and open flame are strictly prohibited without written approval from Diamond Bar Center Management in the form of a permit issued by the City Building and Safety Official.
  • Propane containers (or similar Class I and II liquid fuels) are prohibited inside the Diamond Bar Center at all times. 

If deemed necessary, additional safety measures may be required to ensure the safety of participants and the facility.

Permit Requirements

  • Tea light candles in the proper holder are allowed in the Diamond Bar Center with a free candle permit from the City of Diamond Bar’s Building and Safety Division.
  • A sample of your candle and holder must be brought to the Diamond Bar Center for approval. Staff will take a picture of the approved tea light candle and holder and prepare the permit for Building and Safety to approve.