Sharps (Hypodermic Needles)

Home-source medical waste is among the fastest growing components of our municipal waste stream. Needles are a big part of that as more and more patients are outpatients who administer their own medical injections. The spent needles are potentially dangerous if placed in the recycling cart. Spent needles are dangerous because they can injure people, spread germs; and spread diseases such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis tetanus, and syphilis.

Two Easy Steps for Safely Managing Sharps

Use only an approved Sharps container or a rigid, puncture-resistant container with a screw top (e.g. bleach or laundry detergent bottle) and mark “contains Sharps”. Use any of the following options for the safe and legal disposal of your filled Sharps container:


Each year, Diamond Bar residents are annually entitled to three Sharps Disposal by Mail System Kits at $5 each (85% off the retail cost). The kits are available at three Diamond Bar locations: CVS, Target and Rite Aid.


  • (S.A.F.E.) Collection Centers - Call 1-888-253-2652 for center locations and hours.
  • Weekly HHW Roundups - Call 1-888-253-2652 for information on upcoming events.