Batteries & Bulbs

Spent Batteries & Fluorescent Bulbs

A new law was passed in February 2006 which makes it illegal for California residents and businesses to throw away batteries and fluorescent bulbs in the trash. The law includes common batteries, AA, AAA, C and D cells and button batteries, and fluorescent tubes and bulbs. The purpose of the law is to keep toxic mercury and heavy metals from entering our air and water.


So, what should you do with them? Learn to dispose of them properly. Pick up your free Bulb and Battery Recycling Kit at either Diamond Bar City Hall or Ken’s Ace Hardware at:

303 S Diamond Bar Boulevard
Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Simply put your used batteries or bulbs in the pouches provided and drop them off at Ken’s Ace Hardware. It’s that easy! For additional information, call the City of Diamond Bar’s Public Works Department at 909-839-7040.