Let's Talk Public Safety Program

Created by the City in partnership with the Los Angeles County sheriff’s and fire departments, the Let’s Talk Public Safety (LTPS) program is aimed at engaging with the community and raising awareness about everything public-safety related, from emergency preparedness to crime prevention.

Let’s Talk Public Safety Meeting

Phase 1 – Citywide Neighborhood-based Meetings

The LTPS program, launched in fall 2016, opened with a series of neighborhood-based meetings held in various venues throughout the city. All Diamond Bar households received invitations (mailed letter and hand-delivered postcards) to participate based on their proximity to the meeting venue. Individuals and families who attended had a chance to listen to a panel-style presentation, visit information tables to obtain literature, resources and giveaways, and speak face-to-face with representatives from the City as well as the Sheriffs and Fire departments about their specific concerns or issues. The first meeting took place on October 17, 2016 at South Pointe Middle School, and the last meeting was held February 21, 2018 at the Diamond Bar Center.

Phase 2 – Ongoing and Varied Community Engagement and Education Opportunities

Safety Speak Blog

A blog housed on the City website and penned by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Aaron Scheller, member of the City of Diamond Bar Public Safety team, with stories, tips, videos and ideas on personal safety and crime reduction in both neighborhood and place of business settings.

Monthly Coffee with a Cop

Regular opportunities for community members and public safety personnel to have informal conversations in a casual meeting on weekday mornings at various coffee shops around town

Ring Discount Program

Starting at 8:00 a.m. on April 3, 2018, Diamond Bar residents may submit form to request discounted promotional code toward the purchase of Ring video equipment.

Senior Safety Seminars

Quarterly talks designed for individuals age 55 and older and focusing on scams, frauds and other financial crimes targeted against older people.