Storm Related Issues

Who Do I Call

Report any wind, water or other weather related issues to:

  • Community Services Department at 909-839-7060
    • Fallen parkway and median trees
    • Flooding at public park or community facility
  • Public Works Department at 909-839-7040
    • Debris in street
    • Excessive water run-off
    • Fallen tree or tree branch blocking street or sidewalk
    • Flooded or blocked storm drains
    • Mud slides
    • Roadway Damage such as Pot Holes
    • Traffic Signal outage
  • Power outages
  • Flood Control Channels
    • Call Los Angeles County Flood Control/Catch Basins at 626-445-7630
  • Non-Emergency contact for LA County Sheriff's Department assistance
    • Business phone at 909-595-2264

Need Sandbags?

Visit your local fire station to obtain free sand and sandbags. Call the following stations for availability:

  • Call Fire Station Number 119 at 909-598-4290
  • Call Fire Station Number 120 at 909-861-5995
  • Call Fire Station Number 121 at 909-396-0164