Emergency Preparedness Checklist


The following is a checklist for you to use as a first step in identifying the information you will need to prepare for a potential disaster:

  • Create an emergency plan for your home and discuss it with your family. The plan should include an evacuation route for your home, emergency and communication procedures for your family, and instructions on what to do if you become separated. View a sample family emergency plan (PDF).
  • Post the emergency plan including emergency telephone numbers and out of state contact where everyone will see it, such as your refrigerator or bulletin board.
  • Regularly practice your emergency plan and actions in case of a fire, earthquake, or other emergency.
  • Assemble a disaster supplies kit that will sustain your family for up to 10 days. Businesses should plan on storing supplies for their employees in the event they need to remain at work.
  • Survey your home and install upgrades to minimize disaster related damage. Secure furniture and cupboards and shelves to protect your family from falling objects.
  • Show responsible family members how to turn off the main water, gas, and electrical switches.
  • Take a basic first aid, CPR, or CERT class.
  • Talk with employers and school officials about their emergency response plans.
  • Learn about any special assistance programs that may be available in your community.
  • Create a network of neighbors, relatives, and friends to aid you in an emergency.
  • Make arrangements for your pets.