Parkway Tree Maintenance

The City oversees the planting, installation, and maintenance of all street trees and other public land landscaping. Upon completion of a development and acceptance of the established trees, the City takes over the maintenance of all trees within the public right-of-way.

Tree Trimming

Since trees play such an important role in our community, it is imperative that the City maintains a regular pruning and trimming rotation of all City trees. Trees are pruned in a way that does not deter growth, but which removes branches and limbs that may pose a threat to public safety, either because limbs hang above the road surface or foliage interferes with traffic signs or overhead utilities. Occasionally trees have to be removed if they overgrow an area or have roots that push up sidewalks or interfere with underground utilities.

For more information, or to request a parkway tree to be trimmed, or to report a tree that poses a safety hazard, please call 909-839-7060.

Privately Owned

Trees Individual residents, homeowners’ associations, and businesses, besides developing and maintaining their own landscape improvements, are responsible for the care and maintenance of the trees on their properties.