Revenue Sources

Where do cities get money from? View a useful glossary of terms to help answer that very question.

  1. County Grants
  2. Federal Grants
  3. Financing Sources
  4. Fines & Forfeitures
  5. Intergovernmental Revenue
  6. Licenses & Permits
  7. Operating Transfers
  8. Property Taxes
  9. Service Charges
  10. State Grants
  11. Taxes
  12. Use of Money & Property

County Grants

  • County Transportation Development Act: provides this source of funding. Derived from state sales tax and allocated by formula to the County Local Transportation Fund, allocations are available to operators for the support of public transportation systems.
  • Prop A - Transit Discretionary Funds: A 35% apportionment of the one-half cent sales tax distributed to Los Angeles County Transportation Commission and is set aside at their discretion; City's apportionment is based upon meeting performance criteria established by the Commission.