Commercial Property Maintenance Guide

The City's property maintenance requirements are intended to preserve property values while assuring a clean and attractive community. Commercial and industrial property owners and business operators in Diamond Bar are encouraged to maintain attractive places of business to encourage patronage and to provide a positive effect on the overall appearance of the City.

  • Storage within front, side and rear yard areas must be maintained in an orderly manner, screened from public view and shall contain only items or vehicles incidental to the business. (D.B.M.C. § 22.34.050(a), 22.34.060(a))
  • All containers, bins, or other equipment used for the storage of garbage, industrial waste, market refuse, or rubbish are to be kept in good repair and maintained in a clean and sanitary condition. Permanent lids shall be provided for each and every container.
  • All commercial and industrial areas, including parking and driveway areas, must be landscaped according to specifications contained in the Diamond Bar Municipal Code and maintained regularly. (D.B.M.C. § 22.34.050(d), 22.34.060(d), 22.24.050)
  • The Diamond Bar Municipal Code prohibits unsafe parking area conditions, including cracks, potholes, loose gravel, or unpaved surfaces. Driveways, parking lots, and similar parking surfaces are to be kept in good condition, free of trash and debris. Parking space and pavement striping and signs shall be repainted, refurbished and/or replaced when they become faded, damaged, or destroyed to an extent that they are no longer effective. (D.B.M.C. § 22.34.050(g), 22.34.060(f))
  • All landscaped areas shall be kept free of weeds, debris, dead, diseased or dying vegetation, and broken or defective decorative elements. Vegetation must be mowed, groomed, trimmed, pruned, and watered. Irrigation systems shall be kept in good working condition and repair to prevent leaks or public health hazards. (D.B.M.C. § 22.34.050(d), 22.34.060(d))
  • All concrete drainage devices (i.e. terrace, bench or down drains) must be kept free and clear of debris and landscaped material to prevent erosion and discharges into the storm drains. (D.B.M.C. § 8.12.1660(b)(c))
  • Fences and walls must be kept free of sagging, broken, rotted, or defective support posts, missing or broken fence boards and free of substantial deterioration. (D.B.M.C. § 22.34.050(e), 22.34.060(e))
  • Petroleum oil or grease build-up on paved surfaces, public rights-of-way or buildings and walls constitute a safety hazard and are not permitted. (D.B.M.C. § 22.34.050(g), 22.34.060(f))
  • Outdoor display of store merchandise on sidewalks or in parking lots is prohibited except with temporary use permit issued by the City. (D.B.M.C. § 22.42.080)
  • Business signs, which move, flash, blink, or float, banners and pennants and "A" frame signs which stand freely or are attached to another object to remain upright are prohibited. (D.B.M.C. § 22.36.080, 22.36.040)
  • Temporary window signage, such as window painted advertisements, shall not cover more than 25% of the window area. (D.B.M.C. § 22.36.120(f)(2)d)
  • Business building maintenance must be kept free of faulty, sagging, or leaky roof or roofs or missing roof tiles or other visible roofing materials, broken or missing windows, inadequate drainage, inadequate plumbing facilities, broken or missing foundation, and structural defects such as warped, bowed, or sagging headers, sills, beams, eaves, etc. (D.B.M.C. § 22.34.050(c), 22.34.060(c))

For more information, please call the City's Neighborhood Improvement Division at 909-839-7030.