Instant Solar Permit (ISP)

Instant Solar Permit Now Available through SolarAPP+ 

Solar installation contractors are now able to apply for the City's new Instant Solar Permit (ISP) with the help of SolarAPP+, an automated online portal for permitting new residential rooftop solar and storage systems. SolarAPP+ helps streamline the permitting process by instantly issuing an ISP for code-compliant systems.

The ISP application is only for use by contractors registered with SolarAPP+ and accommodates roof-mounted solar photovoltaic panel installations with or without an energy storage system. A main electrical service upgrade can be added to the ISP. To see which systems are eligible, please refer to the Solar APP+ Eligibility Checklists. Only those systems included in these lists are eligible for the ISP through SolarAPP+.

How to Use SolarApp+

Step 1: Create or Log in to Existing Account

Step 2: Submit project in SolarAPP+

  • Submit your project through SolarAPP+.
  • Pay the processing fee charged by SolarAPP+. The fee is currently set at $25.
  • Download the approval documents. You will need to upload them into the City's online permitting portal when applying for your permit.

Step 3: Apply for Permit

  • Log in to City View, the City's online permitting portal
  • Apply for an Instant Solar Permit in the portal. You will be asked to upload your submittal documents, including those you downloaded from SolarAPP+.
  • Note: A City of Diamond Bar business license will be required.

See below for required documents to be uploaded when submitting permit application

  • SolarApp+ approval documents
  • Solar plans including single-line diagram

Step 4: Request Inspection

Inspections are conducted Monday through Thursday and can be scheduled the day prior by calling the Inspection Request Hotline at (909) 839-7027.  Schedule with timeframes are posted every morning by 8:30 a.m. on the City website at the following link:  

The Los Angeles County Fire Department (LACFDwill also need to conduct inspections prior to City Building inspections for projects with Energy Storage Systems (ESS). You can reach LACFD at (909) 620-2216 or you can visit their website at 

SolarAPP+ FAQs

Required Training