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Diamond Bar Voting Districts

Starting with the November 2022 municipal election, the city will make the switch from at-large to by-district elections for council members.

Under the by-district city council election system, instead of casting votes to fill all five city council seats, Diamond Bar voters will only vote for one City Council candidate living in their district.

What districts are up for election? And how does this effect current council members?

City Council seats for districts 1, 3, and 4 are up for election in November 2022, with the remaining districts 2 and 5 having Find My Voting District Interactive Mapelections in November 2024.

Existing council members will continue to serve out their existing terms as at-large members until the end of their term in 2022 or 2024. 

How do I know which district I’m located?

Residents may determine their voting district by entering their home address in the new, Find My Voting District, interactive map.

Download approved district map (Public Map 124279 

When are elections held?

Elections to fill seats on the Diamond Bar City Council are held every even-numbered years on the first Tuesday in November to coincide with state and national elections. Each Council member is elected to a four-year term, with terms overlapping so that each election fills either three or two seats.

How does transitioning to a by-district election system effect my representation?

The new district-based election system will not change how the City Council governs the city, meaning it will continue to serve as one governing body that considers the city as whole when setting policies, adopting laws, and being responsive to community needs and concerns. 

Also, the honorary mayor and mayor pro tem roles will continue to be rotated every year as determined by a majority vote of the City Council during its annual reorganization that takes place during their first meeting in December.


For background information, including the series of steps and actions the City Council took during the 90-day timeline can be found on the districting background web page.

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