Draft District Maps


 At its next regularly scheduled meeting, the City Council is holding a public hearing prior to considering second reading and adoption of an ordinance to transition to by-district elections starting with this year’s November elections. This meeting will take place at 6:30 p.m. on May 3, and will offer both in-person and online/telephonic participation options. 

This ordinance establishes by-district elections of council members from five voting districts, and resolves that elections will be held in three of the five districts in November 2022, with the remaining two districts having elections at the following municipal election of November 2024. At the April 19 meeting, the City Council selected a preferred map (Public Map 124279) and established the sequencing of district elections – 1, 3, and 4 in 2022, and 2 and 5 in 2024.
Public Map 124279 complies with both federal and state mandated criteria that calls for each voting district to contain nearly equal population, be geographically contiguous, and keep communities of interest together.


Initial Draft Maps

Proposed district maps will be made available on this page on or before April 12 and will be considered for approval at the April 19 City Council meeting for introduction of the ordinance establishing the Council districts.  The ordinance will then be brought before the Council for second reading and final adoption at the May 3 City Council meeting.

Draft District Maps from Redistricting Partners

Submitted Maps

All original proposed maps submitted by the public are available below or may be viewed using the DistrictR application found on the District Mapping Tools webpage.

For additional information, send an email to districting.diamondbar@civicservice.com or call City Hall at (909) 839-7000.

Maps Submitted by the Public