Organics Recycling

organics bannerOrganic waste, which includes kitchen waste, leftovers, yard trimmings and some paper products make up approximately 30 percent of California's waste stream. When these organics decompose in a landfill, they produce methane emissions, which are linked to global climate change.

SB 1383: Mandatory Organic Waste Collection

Senate Bill (SB) 1383 was signed into law in 2016. It sets methane emissions reduction targets for California as part of a statewide effort to reduce emissions of short-lived climate pollutants. To achieve this, it requires local governments statewide to implement mandatory organic waste collection and recycling with the goal of achieving two things:

  • reducing organic waste disposal from 2014 levels by 50% by  2020 and 75% by 2025.
  • rescuing for people to eat at least 20% of currently disposed surplus food by 2025.

Everyone must comply with this mandate - residents, commercial businesses, restaurants and other food generators, schools, and government agencies. 

Additional information about SB 1383 is available on the CalRecycle website.

Waste Management: On July 1, 2022, your green cart will become your organics cart. Starting this day, residents must begin to put their food scraps and other organic waste in your green cart. Waste should be free of plastic bags – newspaper, paper bags and thin cardboard boxes are OK. To learn more about Waste Management's implementation of its organics recycling program, refer to notice it mailed out to customers in January 2022.

Valley Vista Services: As part of its organics recycling program for multi-family complexes, Valley Vista has been providing every household with a free organics recycling starter kit consisting of a two-gallon kitchen counter caddy with 30 bags. Starting May 1, residents living in condominiums or apartments can use this caddy to collect their food waste until they empty it into their shared green bin. Valley Vista customers who have not received their starter kit can contact the City at (909) 839-7000 or send an email to Additional information about Valley Vista Services' organics recycling program is available on their Food Waste Recycling Guide.

Other Organics Recycling-Related Mandates

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