Crooked Creek Residential Subdivision

Crooked Creek


The proposed residential project includes the development of seven single-family residences and associated infrastructure including a southward expansion of the existing Crooked Creek Drive at a 12.9-acre undeveloped site. Five of the seven residential structures are proposed to include an attached Accessory Dwelling Unit.

The site is located at the southern terminus of Crooked Creek Drive, east of the SR-57 Freeway, Brea Canyon Road and Brea Canyon flood control channel and north of the City’s southern boundary (Los Angeles County Assessor’s Parcel Number 8714-028-003).

updated May 23, 2022

On May 17, 2022, the City Council adopted the Mitigated Negative Declaration and Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program and approved the project. 

The following entitlements were approved:

  1. Vesting Tentative Tract Map No. 54081 to subdivide the subject property into nine parcels for the following purposes: seven (7) single-family residential lots; one lot designated for the roadway (i.e., southwesterly extension of Crooked Creek Drive); and one lot which includes a maintenance access and approximately 10.4 acres of preserved open space area.
  2. Development Review of the proposed architecture and landscape design in compliance with all applicable Development Code standards and design guidelines.
  3. Tree Permit to remove 62 existing protected trees consisting of 58 Southern California black walnuts and four coast live oaks, and to replace them at a 3:1 ratio with 201 Southern California black walnuts and 12 coast live oaks, totaling 213 replacement trees to be planted on-site.
  4. Conditional Use Permit to approve development on a site subject to a Planned Development overlay district and allow modifications to the retaining wall height limit to allow a maximum of 17 feet (where 6 feet is the maximum allowed), reduce the front setback for Lots 4 and 5 to 14 feet and 13’-9” (where 20 feet is required), and reduce the minimum lot size for Lots 1 and 3 to 8,294 square feet and 8,482 square feet (where 10,000 square feet is required). 

Environmental Assessment

This Project has been reviewed for compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).  Based on that environmental assessment, the City prepared an Initial Study and filed a Notice of Intent to Adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) for the Project with the Office of Planning and Research on November 9, 2021.  Pursuant to CEQA Section 15105, the public review period for the Mitigated Negative Declaration begins November 10 and ends December 20, 2021. 

Project Planner

Associate Planner May Nakajima 

(909) 839-7033