Village at Diamond Bar Condominiums - Order to Vacate


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October 11, 2021 - After hearing from several Village at Diamond Bar condominium residents and owners, the City determined that the public’s interests would best be served by delaying the enforcement of the order until after further structural investigations are conducted, and the appeal hearings are completed.

All 12 DBV buildings continue to be deemed hazardous at this time, and the City’s order to vacate remains in effect. Although enforcement or rescission of the order will not take place until after the steps outlined in this Update have been completed, the City considers all persons residing within the complex to be at serious risk pending further investigation of the structural condition of the buildings.

PDF Copy of the Notice that the Enforcement of Order To Vacate is on Hold Pending Further Structural Investigations And Hearings On Appeals, Structures To Remain Red- And Yellow-Tagged Until Further Notice

This notice is also available in Chinese (中國人) and Korean ( 한국인).


On September 30, 2021, the City issued a Notice and Order to Vacate to the residents of the two-story, 150-unit condominium complex known as The Village at Diamond Bar based. The basis for issuing the Order was several serious health and safety conditions identified in a recent structural observation report prepared by a California licensed structural and civil engineer, retained by the Diamond Bar Village Homeowners Association (Village HOA), and a subsequent inspection by City personnel and review by the City's Building Official. 

PDF Copy of the Notice and Order Concerning a Substandard and Dangerous Building and Order to Vacate no Later than October 18, 2021

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Key Dates

Wednesday, September 22 - Khatri International, the structural and civil engineering firm retained by the Village HOA) completes its report of findings. Property owners and renters may obtain a copy of the report by contacting the HOA manager, Yvette Marie Allen, at or (951) 746-8519.

Thursday, September 30 - City personnel issues the Notice and Order to Vacate and tags all 150 units with either yellow or red tags as follows:

  • Red-tagged units - All of the second-floor units are red-tagged. Once vacated, residents may not re-enter red-tagged units until the City deems the units to be safe.
  • Yellow-tagged units - All of the first-floor units are yellow-tagged. Residents may only re-enter yellow-tagged to retrieve personal belongings.

Monday, October 18 - City will begin enforcement of the orders on the yellow and red tags.

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