Featherwood Drive NTMP Petition

Featherwood Drive NTMP Survey

In response to traffic concerns reported by residents along Featherwood Drive between Looking Glass Drive and Sylvan Glen Road, the City is proposing the implementation of the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP). This program’s goal is to improve the livability of neighborhoods by empowering residents with the right traffic calming devices to modify driver behavior. 

To proceed with launching the NTMP, the following survey must receive at least 51% in support of the program. There are approximately 180 residences within your neighborhood that may potentially be affected by any improvements (boundary map).  In order to meet the 51% requirement, 59 household signatures (1 signature per household) must be obtained. 

Download the NTMP Manual to view complete program information.

The survey will be open from June 8 until July 2. Survey results will be shared during the week of July 12.

For questions about the proposed NTMP, contact Christian Malpica, Associate Engineer, at (909) 839-7042.