Assessment Districts 39 and 41 Dissolution 2021

UPDATE JULY 7, 2021 - Formation of Landscape Assessment District No. 41-2021 Approved by Majority Property Owners

A total of 322 assessment ballots were returned and received prior to the close of the public hearing on July 6, 2021.  This represents an almost 60% ballot return rate on the 547 ballots mailed. 

The returned ballots, which were weighted according to the assessment amount for each parcel, represent 87.55% of the property owners casting ballots in support of the District formation.

Results Summary Report - District 41
Percentage of YES ballots  87.55%
Percentage of NO Ballots 12.45%
Total valid ballots processed 318
Total valid YES ballots279
Total valid NO ballots39
Total INVALID* ballots4

* Of the four ballots that were declared invalid, two were not signed and the other two were not marked with either a “Yes” or “No”.

What's Next -  Assessments for Fiscal Year 2021-22 will be levied at the rate of $525.22 per single-family residence and $483.21 per condominium residences as detailed in the Engineer’s Report for Fiscal Year 2021. The assessment will appear on the 2021-22 property tax bill.

Questions regarding the public hearing or ballot tabulation process may be directed to the City Clerk's office at (909) 839-7010.



At its May 18, 2021 regular meeting, the City Council did NOT approve the July 1, 2021 dissolution of District 39 and is proposing initiating a new Proposition 218 Ballot Election at a later date to ensure district property owners have sufficient time to consider the matter.

This means the assessment at its current rate will appear on your 2021-22 property tax bill and the City will continue to maintain landscape areas for the next fiscal year.

For questions about the dissolution process, contact the Public Works Department-Engineering at (909) 839-7040, for maintenance questions contact the Public Works Department-Maintenance at (909) 839-7060.



Effective July 1, 2021 the City intends to dissolve Landscape Assessment Districts (LAD) 39 and 41 and return landscape maintenance responsibilities back to property owners or homeowners associations.

Informational Meetings Held on March 18, 2021

View the recordings of the March 18 meetings to learn more about the LAD dissolution process and property owner or homeowner association landscape maintenance responsibilities.