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Tres Hermanos Ranch
  • On October 20, 2017, the City of Diamond Bar filed a lawsuit in Sacramento County Superior Court challenging the City of Industry’s unlawful attempt to purchase the 2,445-acre Tres Hermanos Ranch for $41.65 million with the intent of turning it over to a private entity to develop a massive solar facility generating tens of millions of dollars for Industry’s coffers.

  • Tres Hermanos Ranch is presently owned by the Successor Agency to Industry’s former redevelopment agency.  The governing body of the Successor Agency is Industry’s City Council and thus, the buyer and the seller are for all purposes the same entity.

  • On August 24, 2017, the Oversight Board of this Successor Agency met to consider the sale of Tres Hermanos to the City of Industry for $100 million, which matched a current fair-market value appraisal for the property.

  • The cities of Diamond Bar and Chino Hills have for some time working to find out what the City of Industry has planned for Tres Hermanos Ranch. However, Industry has refused to disclose development plans, studies or other information regarding the location, layout or design of any project.

  • Documents obtained through public records requests clearly demonstrate that Industry and San Gabriel Valley Water and Power have assembled a large team of consultants and lawyers that have been clandestinely planning to build a massive solar generating facility. 

  • The Diamond Bar General Plan allows for natural open space, parks, trails, and up to 140 single-family detached homes and 490 attached homes for a total of 630 dwelling units - that is less than one dwelling unit per acre on average.

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